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Buying Review

" We had a fantastic experience. She was knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately, the saddle didn’t fit but she was amazing to deal with. Worked with me to arrange return and paid the refund, immediately. I will shop with Glamourhorse again because they were so professional and trust worthy. 10/10 " - J J

Fitting Review

" Mikaylas knowledge completely surpassed my expectations, very informative, knows her stuff, very affordable and in no way does the affordable price of the saddle fitting reflect her skill. The value of the session and what you get out of it (a happy comfortable horse) is definitely worth it and more. Thank you " - C R W


Selling Review

" Sold my two saddles - many thanks. Would recommend them to anybody with saddles to sell. " - H C

Selling Review

" I got Glamourhorse to sell my saddle for me. Mikayla was professional and easy to deal with and it was a lot less hassle than selling on TradeMe or Facebook.I just dropped the saddle off to her, she dealt with all the queries and questions and in a couple of weeks it was sold and the money was in my account. - Fantastic service " - K K


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