Quality and Performance

Mikayla created Glamourhorse when she was only 18!

A young and clue-less woman stepping into the big world - adolescent life. Amongst starting her young family with fiancé, Ryan, at age 20, Mikayla is now a passionate mum of 2. Through motherhood and sheer experience and self discovery, Mikayla has evolved with Glamourhorse into what they both are today.



Glamourhorse was established in 2016, a passion that has evolved off a bunch of sporadic ideas and a talent of finding gaps in the market. Glamourhorse continues to provide New Zealand equestrians with all of their saddle needs. Whether that be new saddles, second hand saddles, saddle related accessories or WKO/BOP based saddle fit evaluation. (not currently fitting - 01/22)


Glamourhorse is not a business that sticks with the latest trends, but instead,  keeps up with current research and technology truly beneficial to our equine partners.



Now a successful and very busy business woman in her early 20's, Mikayla continues her path of self discovery whilst expanding Glamourhorse to bigger and better things. 

Like many, big dreams, love and passion is what drives her from day to day. A sufferer from mental health, some days may be a struggle. But it is something that Mikayla is very open about and encourages others to speak up. Customer care, service and relationships are values Mikayla thoroughly enjoys within her business. Many clients then becoming friends and associates.

Rest assured, here at Glamourhorse, your experience is taken very highly. Mikayla strives to present the best customer care possible, on many occasions going well out of her way to tend to your needs.

Mikayla is a training saddle fitter, working towards the Society of Master Saddlers UK (SMS) qualification -  Saddle Fitter. Having expanded her studies to Saddle Fit 4 Life in 2020, Mikayla is thriving to gather as much research and science to best help you and your horse.