Who am I?

On the road at 8am and in the door again at 6pm!! I FINALLY get a chance to sit down to see in less than 24 hours Glamourhorse has expanded a few hundred new followers!!! WHICH MEANS THE GLAMOURHORSE PRIZE PACK CAN BE GIVEN AWAY!?!?!

A HUGE WELCOME to everyone new here

I am Mikayla, I am 22 years old, a young mum of 2 (4 months and 2.5) boys. I am self employed and flexible around my family thanks to this beautiful business I created when I was 18 years old!!!

Glamourhorse is expanding and evolving every month to bigger and better things with some crazy awesome things in the works to come over the next year or 2.

Glamourhorse specializes in second hand saddles, doing my best to source yours needs and sell your saddle. I have just teamed up with an overseas BIGGER version of me to have access to so many more brands.

Glamourhorse is your one stop saddle shop - a place to go to for all your saddle needs. Whether that be stirrup irons, Leathers, saddle pads, leather care, saddle covers, stirrup covers - everything saddles!! (Half pads and girths are in the works!)

I am a training saddle fitter and LOVE spending time with my fast growing clientele. I take great pride in educating all my clients about saddle fit and it is very important to me to show you exactly where your saddle is going right or wrong. I don't just dine and dash

If you have had an experience with me, please feel free to drop it below - good or bad (hopefully not!!!).

But most importantly - welcome

- Mikayla

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