It is no lie that research shows that wool is one of the BEST materials one can use against the horse. Known for it's cooling properties, these wool lined saddle blankets offer comfort, support and heat reducing properties to your horse's back.


Made with Australian Lambs wool and a tight, small quilting pattern ensures there is minimal shifting and movement of the inner material of the saddle pad, thus assisting in stabilizing your saddle. Reinforced girth area.


Made with a clear spine to reduce bulk in the channel of your saddle.


Ensure that your saddle does not sit on ANY edges of the wool as this will create pressure points. 


Full sized saddle pads are best suited to 16.5"- 17.5" (May consider some compact 18" saddles)
Pony sized saddle pads are best suited to 15.5" and under. 


Measurements between wool on top is:
Full - 17.5"
Pony - 15.5"


Available in Jump/GP European style cut or Dressage European style cut.

Black/Black, Brown/Brown, Natural/White.


Introductory offer of $149! I have waited 4 months to receive these due to covid and there is limited stock so be quick!


Care - Dry your saddle pad by placing it with the wool face up in a cool place. When the saddle pad is dry, lightly brush it with a gentle soft brush to lightly remove dirt and keep the wool fluffy. Regular washing is not reccomended, however, when washing is nesecary, use cold water and a WOOL detergent - do not use any fabric softener or bleach. Rinse by hand and hang as above to dry.


Reviews -


"Hey!!! LOVE my saddle blanket! it’s fantastic! You seriously need to get them up on social media ASAP as they will be an easy sell especially before HOY xx"



Glamourhorse Wool Lined Saddle Pads - FULL

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