Kent and Masters S-Series Pony Jump
  • Kent and Masters S-Series Pony Jump


    A jump saddle for ponies, the S-Series Pony Jump has forward-cut flaps, plus moveable blocks, designed to support the young rider’s leg in the shorter jumping position. This may look similar to the S-Series Jump saddle, but it is on a different tree - more suited to a pony conformation - and takes a different gullet bar.


    This S-Series Pony Jump benefits from superior craftsmanship and higher specification design details for a truly luxurious feel and appearance. It also features the following details:

    - A pony tree with longer, swept-back points to support the front of the saddle and allow freer shoulder movement.
    - A seat shaped to enable the rider to dynamically adjust their centre of balance over the fence.
    - Broad panels for maximum surface contact with the pony’s back.
    - Velcro knee and calf blocks under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and position.
    - Changeable girthing arrangement which allows saddle stability to be optimised for various types of pony conformation and different movement. 


    All Kent & Masters saddles benefit from the following features:


    NOTE: This model is fitted with the S-Bar gullet series.


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