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Hello! I am so excited to meet you and halve the treacherous journey of saddle fitting between the two of us! Saddle fitting can be a long journey, trial and error. Many frustrations can be shared as we get to the bottom of finding the best solution for you, and your horse. 

By coming to me for a saddle fit evaluation, you are helping yourself, help your horse, and any horse that comes through your care in the future. 

I carry out a saddle fit evaluation that undertakes crucial assessment of the horse and the rider. Many factors come into evaluating the fit of a saddle, this includes, but is not limited to, what we call a "circle of influence". Did you know that even a farrier can have an affect on saddle fit? Nutrition, tack, rider, body worker, coach, are all part of the circle of influence. We can discuss this further at your session!

During the evaluation,  I will thoroughly carry out a drawing on the horse, this outlines all the important landmarks of the horse. Throughout this process I will educate you on the reasons of where and why the saddle should, and should not make contact with certain areas. This will not only help you identify where and why your saddle may be hindering your horse as it develops and changes shape over time, but also evaluating future saddle fits while you wait for your saddle fitter to get to you. We will take a look at the saddle on the horse, the suitability for the rider, and if it passes the initial assessment, a ridden assessment will be carried out.

There is no lie on the shortage of saddle fitters in NZ vs horse owners. It is crucial to get booked in as soon as you can to secure your spot. Often fitters are booked out weeks or months in advance. 

I am a training saddle fitter. It is important you understand and acknowledge this. I am not able to do any structural adjustments that include flocking or tree alterations.  For these requirements,  I have saddlers on hand to do this. (Interchangeable gullet changes are an exception of course).

I am training through two organizations.  I am currently working towards my Society of Master Saddlers UK qualification - Saddle Fitter. I am to be fitting for 3 years before sitting my exam in the UK. I started my training with the SMS in Nov 19. I am also studying the Saddlefit4life philosophy and in training to becoming a certified Equine Ergonomist. This is a philosophy that is science based and follows the law of nature and how the equine is built. Covid complications stop me from completing my certification at this time due to travel restrictions! 

So thank you for supporting me on this journey and I am super excited to be working with you to assess the fit of your saddle, and helping you help your horse. 

I am newly introducing Equissage treatments standardly in each saddle fit evaluation session. Saddles often come hand in hand with sore backs and bodies. We ask so much of our horses and the true athletes they are. Equissage is proven to promote blood circulation,  relax muscles, stimulate muscle tissue, increase lymphatic drainage, reduce muscle and joint pain, and improving joint mobility. This is a proud investment into Glamourhorse that has also lead me to the complete the certificate in Equissage to further help your equines be the best they can be. 

Please fill in this form below. This best helps me to prepare in advance for your fitting. 

I look forward to booking you in!

- Mikayla

Saddle Fit Evaluation - Education - Equissage : $115 incl GST per horse

I am fitting only in the WAIKATO & BAY OF PLENTY regions at this time.

My fitting days at the moment are Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays with the odd weekend.

Grazing Address where horse(s) is kept:

Preferred fitting day and time:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday preferred.

If you need a weekend, let me know.

Providing multiple days/times is helpful.

Are you able to travel to an outer location with your horse for a group day if needed? This will try to be arranged in your area. Note: A ground fee may apply.
Reason/Details for fitting:

eg, general check, wanting to trial a new saddle I have, horse is showing signs of soreness, looking for saddle recommendations etc

Number of horses you want fitted:
Name, age, height & breed of horse(s):
Any Comments:

Images of horse(s) is helpful. Especially if you wish for me to bring some saddles out. 

At the very least, regardless of the reason for fitting, please provide:

1.) an image of the whole horse side on. This allows me to see confirmation and profile.

2.) If safe to do so, an image from behind the horse, placing the camera above the horse's hindquarters capturing an image down the spine towards the withers. This allows me to see the asymmetry and width of the horses back, shoulders and withers.

You don't have to stress about this now but please do provide these before your fitting date.

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