Second Hand Saddles
Terms and Conditions of Sale on Behalf

• All saddles are to be sent IN A BOX to Glamourhorse at the cost of seller (you). The saddle must be in the possession of Glamourhorse for the duration of the sale to create a trusting platform for buyers and to avoid scams to potential customer’s. Address will be given via email, we are based in the eastern bay of plenty (Opotiki).

• Upon sale, funds will be deposited directly into your given bank account MINUS APPLICABLE SELLING FEE OF 15%

• You are welcome to request to have your saddle shipped back to you (at your cost) if you decide you don’t want to sell it, at any time. No fees paid for no sale of saddle, your saddle will simply just be returned to you.
• Upon sale, the saddle will be shipped directly to the buyer from Glamourhorse. All saddles will be packaged to the best of our ability and TRACKED.
By accepting these terms and conditions of Glamourhorse second hand sale on behalf, you agree: 

To give all true details to Glamourhorse about the saddle. 

To have your saddle with Glamourhorse for the duration of sale. 

To have Glamourhorse deduct any applicable fees to the sale of your saddle.

To have Glamourhorse list and market your saddle on your behalf. 

That the saddle you are selling is YOUR property – Glamourhorse will take no responsibility for any problems regarding false ownership of the saddle.  

Fittings and Trials: Saddles can be taken along to saddle fittings with me for clients to have fitted/tried before purchase. This is a popular selling point given the saddle fits. All customers are given the opportunity to trial a saddle from the Glamourhorse range with full payment required. Please view the trial terms and conditions for more in depth information. IF you wish to opt out of either of these options please let me know. Your saddle(s) is/are taken care of to the best of my ability and control amongst either two options.

Privacy Policy 
We will not disclose any of your personal information to any third party. Your details are kept strictly confidential. 

Glamourhorse will not be responsible for any damage done during shipment from seller to Glamourhorse – this is your responsibility.  Whilst I do my very best to market your saddle on your behalf, the selling rate all depends on the market and is beyond my control. The only thing we can do as a team, is select the best possible marketing options to give your saddle the best CHANCE of a sale. Remember that this all comes down to the condition of your saddle vs the price you are asking vs what customers are prepared to pay for vs what they are looking for. The market changes everyday! 

Your selling experience:

Website marketing 

Basic social network marketing. (optional extra as below)

Cleaned upon arrival (maintenance oiling carried out) and photographed to the best of my ability. 

Offered on payment plans via Laybuy and Afterpay. Customer pays instalments to Laybuy/Afterpay, you get paid straight away full amount minus applicable selling fee(s). Laybuy/Afterpay is fully responsible for following up customer installments, this is in no way linked to you or Glamourhorse once the initial transaction is complete.. 

Email send outs 

3 months stay at Glamourhorse – each month, if not sold, a price review is discussed with you. 

*If your saddle is still with Glamourhorse upon the 3 month limit, you will be required to take your saddle back and you will be billed for shipping. Please respect I must keep moving saddles to allow space for others to come through.


 Social Networking Boost (sponsored add via Facebook/Instagram reaching more audience) - the more money put into this, the more people around the country it meets. 

*this option must be deposited into the Glamourhorse bank acc before your saddle is received by Glamourhorse*

Glamourhorse is a registered business with a quality insurance policy to ensure your saddle is in the best care possible under any circumstance within the duration of it being under my care. A Buisness certificate or insurance certificate is available for you to view at request.

Want to approach Glamourhorse about selling your saddle?

Before filling in this form, please ensure you have good images and details of your saddle to upload. Images that are requested are side on and underneath at the very least. Glamourhorse does not accept any saddle with a channel clearance narrower than 3 finger widths.

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